What Really Happened at the New Harbor Bridge Project?

-An overview of the drama unfolding over the ship channel in Corpus Christi, Texas.
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At 3:21, a clarification: The ships can not enter the port empty (because they would have too much air draft). That means they can’t be fully loaded in the inner harbor because they are already carrying some weight when they enter.
At 12:40, I meant to say “20% above their capacity”

In July of 2022, the Texas Department of Transportation issued an emergency suspension of work on the half-finished Harbor Bridge project in Corpus Christi, citing serious design flaws that could cause the main span to collapse if construction continues. Since then, they have continued a very public feud with the contractor that is far from resolved.

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  2. Story like this here in Houston for the new Beltway 8 bridge. It was being done by the people that let the bridge collapse in Miami (oh.. see that is where this is going now…)

  3. I did not know corpus christi was #3. Wow

  4. YOU MADE NATIONAL NEWS! This video is being featured across news outlets!

  5. lmfao FIGG’s diversity push was responsible for the florida bridge collapse. not surprised they got disbarred

  6. Grady, as one of your most ardent fans, I noticed a increasingly common error in speech at approximately 17:05 in this video.
    You used the the term “begs the question” when you actually meant asks the question. Begging the question means the when you use the point you’re trying to prove as an argument to prove that very same point. Rather than proving the conclusion is true, it assumes it. It’s also called circular reasoning and is a logical fallacy.
    Rather than elaborate, I hope that your intelligence and reach to an intellectual audience may help to correct this increasingly misuse of speech.
    Respectfully yours,

  7. Time to inspect every FIGG project. This is ridiculous

  8. You should consider a child’s book with lots of simple illustrations. Maybe capture a generation of engineers.

  9. *waves to the USS Lexington*

  10. Well delivered. Thank you.

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