What Qatar Doesn’t Want the World to See | WORLD CUP 2022

Qatar has trapped folks in its country, and now they are hiding them from view.
See you there!

It began with me looking at a map. But soon I got sucked into a deep dark secret, one Qatar does not want the world to look at.

A big thank you to everybody we talked to that decided to remain nameless for this story. Your points of view and knowledge were fundamental to tell this, and we could not have done it without you.

Thank you to the experts we spoke with that helped with our research in this story:
Mustafa Qadri from Equidem Research – https://www.equidem.org/
Isobel Archer from the Business & Human Rights Resource Center – https://www.business-humanrights.org/en/

Thank you again to Goma Magar, Bikram Tajpuriya, and Sushil in Nepal for sharing your stories.

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  1. We were working on this up to the minute of publishing it. It was all playing out in real time. So forgive me if there’s any bugs or glitches in the edit. also for anyone who wants to help support this kind of journalism when corporations won’t check out our Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/johnnyharris

    • @wuhoo lifePoor treatment of people in other countries does not excuse the ill treatment of foreign laborers in Qatar. Also those cases of abuse and oppression in China and other countries have seen extensive news coverage from several news outlets and agencies. Even in the USA when immigrant workers are unfairly exploited and when discovered news agencies investigate and report on the events. Instead of taking umbrage about someone pointing out and reporting on the mistreatment of immigrant workers in your country, you as a decent human being should applaud this reporter’s efforts to expose such exploitation and injustice instead of heaping criticism on him.

    • Hey Johnny, I’m from south Africa. I have noticed lots of friends emigrating to Asian countries to “Teach English as a foreign language” and have seen similar worker practices. Would love to know your opinion. Thanks!

    • Happens the same in all rich countries, western and non westerns, the use of cheap labor from worsen countries to do that kind of job, in China is worse, they slaves their opposition and other ethnic groups in concentration camps, and are forced to work for companies like Apple and Nike, but the media and world is ok with that

    • Stop this hypocrisy

    • Cringe peoples what are you doing 😅

  2. Maybe you could have put on dark makeup, wig and … actually maybe not. It was Dana White he talked to, Dana cares about employee rights.

  3. Well done 👍

  4. I’d. Love it if you. Covered Israel& Palestinian issue

  5. A evil muslim monarchy, I’m so surprised.

  6. Mohammad Hosein Abbasi

    That’s the reality in Middle East. West by no means is perfect but compared to Middle East it’s like heaven!

  7. I have lived in qatar all my life and I think these are legitimate concerns. But i don’t like how you put all of the responsibility on qatar and not the companies employing the workers at all. These recruitment agencies and construction companies are not qatari they are more indian,western or north african. They often times make fake documents to show the worker’s condition.
    I also dont agree with how you brushed of the changes in law that qatar has made. Because it did make a difference and I commend FIFA for making a difference. As you showed industrial area was anticlimactic because you expected worse conditions, and the conditions might have been worse a few years ago. But due to fifa the living conditions have changed and NOC although not perfect gives more freedom and many things are changing which i am greaful for. I am glad qatar is taking responsibility for its actions and football is changing people lives.

  8. As a indian I know that middle east is hell for workers because they treat you like slave because they signed you contact that makes you a slave.

  9. Their government already acknowledged this

  10. Oil wars, Then J Harris starts this expo 🤔 it feels like this info was spoon fed

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