What occurs when the queen dies

The day the queen passes is unpreventable and the monarch has got it all planned out. Operation London Bridge is the not-so-secret plan for the United Kingdom after Queen Elizabeth II dies.


  1. TTrain Doge: Transport and Aviation

    And 3 hours later, it happened. You will be missed by millions, Queen Elizabeth II.

    Love from America 🇺🇸 🇬🇧

  2. We are all guilty. Everyone goes to heaven. All is forgiven. I ain’t cried a tear in years. I joke around a lot, and believe nothing. But I ain’t gonna lie. This is rattling me for unknown reasons right now.

  3. William Terry Masters

    What happens when the queen dies? Only GOD knew and knows not you and I or any people

  4. Im from philipines thank you very much for helping our country GOD WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR NAME, QUEEN ELIZABETH

  5. William Terry Masters

    The queen of pride 🌈 of people has passed that is a good thing look on the bright side

  6. I am From Bangladesh and i am really sorry for your loss.. But than i remembered 200 years of distraction, loot, and the sorrow the royals did to our sub continent. So yeah.


    Guys London bridge is truly down

  8. Washington Post: too soon?

  9. SikeItzImmortal - Mech Arena

    Washington Post: “When the queen dies……………………….”
    Queen: *Dies*

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