What North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See | Super Users

Blogger Jacob Bogle regularly receives this cautioning, “State-sponsored actors are trying to hack into your account.”

It is all because he’s constructed the most detailed publicly-available map of North Korea, unveiling details the undemocratic state would rather the remainder of the world did not have.

What began off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacob’s forensic appraisal has been meaningful in flaunting what is truly going on on earth’s most tightlipped country.

In our series Super Users, VICE World News investigates the newest science being used to fight criminal activity, trafficking, global warming and social injustice.

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  1. they are vicious and dont care about human right….

  2. Vice s-…… my you know with your clickbaty videos go vape something to calm your brains down so maybe you will think before uploading bullshit but oh I forgot you are not independent your bosses are your pimps and you,… the …you know what ( the most respected job in the history of humanity (

  3. Let’s be honest if apple owned their own country they would do the same if the could.

  4. I am lucky enough to know Jacob Bogle and I am not surprised that his work keeps getting noticed. He is a spectacularly intelligent person and I look forward to more of his excellent research.

  5. The minute they get to travel to fight in one of the next door countries it’s going to be an empty North Korea! Just like Russia! They will abandon their post!

  6. Uranium in the river ? That’s some fake news

  7. Why no link to his blog?

  8. That is one pasty spaghetti armed geek

  9. typical virtue signaling leftist, that’s 1 decade of acting like some comic book hero.

  10. God I hate Martha Radditz. So damn annoying.

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