What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

Amazon has offered free two-day transport for Prime members since 2005. As Amazon rolls out a one-day transport assure for its 100 million Prime members, Amazon Flex drivers help solve the company’s last mile problem. CNBC talked to these on-demand contract employees all over the nation to figure out what it is truly like to deliver for Amazon. Watch the video clip to hear about the pay, rhythm of work, and how Amazon Flex works.

Is Amazon Prime worthwhile? For many members, free transport is a key Amazon Prime benefit that factors into their decision to pay $119 per year for the service. As Amazon begins offering Prime members the added benefit of one-day transport they are working with on-demand contract drivers to help with this particularly labor-intensive and high priced hand-delivery.

We spent a day with Omar Montes, a Flex driver in the San Francisco Bay Area. Omar helped a friend deliver around 46 packages in 3½ hours, for $105. “These are like the good days that make you want to carry on doing Amazon. But, you know, there is clearly bad days too,” Montes stated.

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What It’s Like To Be An Amazon Flex Delivery Driver


  1. Kathens The Fwoompy Collie

    In the life of a professional flexer

  2. Work hard Amazon delivery drivers. If you make your bosses rich it will trickle down. How does a dollar an hour raise every year sound?

  3. 4:20 Notice the apologetic tone of the driver and the harsh vocabulary of the Amazon employee saying they’ll “write you a ticket”, like their cops. It’s a psychological trick.

    Also notice all they have time for is dropping the package off and snapping a picture. That’s how packages get stolen.

    1 minute in and I almost died from all the fluff.

  4. These drivers have invested capitol in their vehicles, then they also have expenses of fuel, maintenance and insurance. Amazon is undercutting so many costs by having a fully paid for delivery fleet at their disposal and all they have to pay for is the hourly wage.
    Watching the Flex Driver training video it mentions if you are in an unsafe situation call 911 , just another way to undercut costs by placing the burden of safety on the local first responders.
    Real professionals invest in drivers’ safety and also have dispatchers available on call for drivers, however that does not seem to be the case with Amazon.

  5. Amazon is a greedy company they want all the money i meam if they think its to expensive to have professional companies like post office fedex ups so they decide to take advantage of people its sad people are having a hard time and amazon is like a vulturevpreying on the poor

  6. Weird flex but ok

  7. Wow this is amazing I need to order a sd card for my switch and I have prime so if it comes in one day I’ma be amazed

  8. Wow i see alote of class action lawsuits and amazon will lose they are not independent contractors they are employees having to use their own vehicles not take breaks and get written up for dumb reasons get ready amazon lol u think u r winning paying low wages at the end its going to cost u more than if u would of paid a profesional dumb ass

  9. This Gig Economy is terrible (smh)

  10. $20 an hour -(minus) gas, insurance, car payment, and maintenance= DON’T DO IT!!

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