What is the Explorer’s Guide To Wildemount? Matt Mercer introduces a new D&D setting

Matt Mercer unveils what you will find in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, the latest official Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting and the location for campaign 2 of Critical Role.

Pre-order now on D&D Beyond: https://dndbeyond.link/wildemount

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  1. What features of the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount are you most excited to check out? Will you be playing a campaign in this new setting?

    Pre-order today from D&D Beyond to receive exclusive bonus content! https://dndbeyond.link/wildemount

    • Im really excited to look at Dunamancy. I think its such a cool concept and makes so much sense as a Wizard School.
      Also just super excited to have something to make a campaign set in a world I love so much!
      Hope y’all do all the continents!

    • @Andre Johnson I agree. The Taldorei campaign has such a beautiful cover and the other WOTC covers are so dynamic and fun. The Wildmount one stands out in sort of an awkward way.
      I still preordered tho!

    • Um everything

    • ​@Kevin Wilson: Yes, that’s the point I’m making. Eberron became a canon universe in D&D in a past edition. Ravnica was (possibly?) the first one to be added since then.

      (Exandria will obviously be the latest when this book releases… Though technically Exandria was already mentioned in the Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus adventure as where Arkhan the Cruel got the Hand of Vecna.)

    • Sounds really cool. Congrads to Matt for this achievement. 🙂

  2. So proud that this book exist now! Congrats on all who worked on it. Now I can make my own Caleb bwhahaha!

  3. He looks exhausted

  4. Update to bloodhunter? More mutagens?

  5. Yaaaaaaaayyy!!!!

  6. Is this going to be a physical book too, or just a digital copy through D&D Beyond?

  7. This is something I’ve always wanted but never knew I needed

  8. DUCKTHULU???????!!!!!!

  9. Oh my god, Mercer’s face is so cute at 6:40. I just want to tell him its gonna be OK I already ordered 6 copies for myself and my friends off beyond

  10. Wizards of the Coast be like: one of us one of us

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