What is Happening with iPhone Camera?

Exactly what is going on with the iPhone’s camera?

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  1. My biggest irk is the constant switching back and forth (depending on lighting) of the iPhone cameras, without even zooming 😩

  2. The video is really good but the static photo camera is not brilliant , it’s good but nowhere near the Pixel7 camera or Galaxy cam

  3. Mkbhd intro keeps getting smaller and simpler lol

  4. Jeez f christ. 2.5m views in one day, you must be minted

  5. I Knew I wasn’t going crazy the newer Iphone Cameras are just not as good !

  6. When it comes to photography I’ll always stick to my camera and not a phone.

  7. A.I. at its best.

    i hateeeee iphone pictures esp non pro. the sucks in img quality. video is awesome

  8. I dont care what iPhone does… my S20FE 5G takes great pictures…

  9. Some of my cs friends also said that companies are using AI to generate details that the small sensor wasn’t able to capture.
    Very cool!!

  10. I love your reviews.

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