What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels?

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  1. Aleksandar Ćurguz

    Africa: Becomes Solar superpower

    America: We are in grave danger. Our very way of life is at great risk. Our democracy is being violated. We shall take military action against this act against humanity.

  2. Imagine if they did this but then the sand winded over and covered the solar panels and now it doesn’t work

  3. 2:10 – the way a few panels are diagonal while the rest are perfectly aligned is driving me nuts..

  4. Better for the planet if the area was reforested.

  5. paul vander haegen

    we have already give away petrol & gas to unstable and greedy country’s and now you will do the same error whit electricity, are you out of your minds? we need energetic independence. what you are proposing is a recepie for war.

  6. Emanuelgamer 1313

    It would make total sense and we could provide electricity to where its needed the most

  7. ChompChompNomNom

    It will become the OPEC of solar power.

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