What if Rome Never Conquered Britain?

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Rome went to the verge of the known world, an island in the North Sea and took a giant portion of it. We call that island Britain today. Yet what if in an alternate timeline, Rome never colonized or overcame this land? How does this change British history?


  1. Next video: do the long term vid!

  2. There wold not have been an influence of paganism in the Christian belief in that scenario, the church would still do what they did in our timeline, only perhaps later

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  4. Imagine a world where the most spoken language is Welsh (or a variation of Welsh)

    My dream

  5. Next do a video on what if the English named their land after the Saxons instead of the Angles; the glorious history of Sexland!

  6. alternate history for you Cody, what if medieval Europe discovered and colonized the new world. say Vinland survives and more Europeans here about it and start an age of exploration a few century’s earlier then are own timeline resulting in nations like England, Aragon, Austria/HRE and maybe even the byzantine empire colonizing a whole new world let me know what you think

  7. The Roman empire lasts longer because it’s not a userper factory. Weirdly enough it means no Constantine and perhaps the Roman empire doesn’t become christian sooner. We might see a pagan Rome still during the 5th century.

  8. Cody I don’t need to watch a 10 minute video to tell me Wales is better than England, I’m a borderer I already know this

  9. What if the Marshall Plan failed?

  10. This made me think of another scenario; what if Rome only continued in the British isles?

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