What if Mario Odyssey had MORE Custom POWER UPS?

0:00 intro / justification
0:05 Mario vs MORE Custom Power Ups
19:46 outro
@ZPL Fat Mario and Marioette
biishop#3716 Ice Path + Double Jump
Mods used:
Power Ups +: https://gamebanana.com/mods/378905
Time Travel: https://gamebanana.com/mods/389126


  1. what power ups would you guys love to use in real life? 👀

  2. boo powerup will send u to backroomz💀

  3. nice video once again

  4. Boo bell are you

  5. Dark sonic the hedgehog

    I know what you mean

  6. Leon Fernandez Fernandez

    wow this videos keep getting better i really like the powerups and the way they are modded also the maps this is so cool

  7. You forgot to tell the villager

  8. MayorCaneIsWierd

    “I feel like frozen from the incredibles” 6:48

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