What Happens to Lasers Underwater? – Smarter Every Day 219

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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    I found this link later that night while fishing. https://twitter.com/smartereveryday

  2. I think they use similar technique in some impoverished regions in Africa to get light to the house from sun. Basically they fill half a bottle of empty coke bottle and push it through the ceiling. Half outside and half inside. It essentially acts as a lense to direct all the light that hits the water to the inside of the house. Oh and great video

  3. Why’d u have to where the goggles

  4. Fookin lazer sights

  5. данил черинько


  6. Frickin lasers lol

  7. ? things I have never brought on a kayaking trip…. LOL
    Dude you got like a Mary Poppins kayak! ?

  8. how many creatures or microbes or anything got affected or damaged by all that laser underwater? fish didnt have laser googles 🙁

  9. Daniel Rodriguez

    How neat is that?!

  10. “So we have LASERS”

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