What Flavor Works Best in Ice Cream?

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What Flavor Works Best in Ice Cream? That is the question that @jschlattLIVE and I try to solve today, perhaps to our detriment

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Outro: Pls Proceed by Baron Grand

Hey thanks for reading the description, comment “I am a cool person, and I can read” if you see this. That is the only way that I know that I have viewers that can read and honestly I’m getting kind of concerned at this point.


  1. I think I paid more attention to the clock than anything else

  2. big pizza…

  3. Elizabeth Rodenberg

    1) get a water purifying straw and purify piss
    2) get a soda carbonator
    3) carbonate that piss

    it’s the only thing unus annus never did with their piss

  4. You guys should make a beanboozled challenge with ice-cream, one idea could be spinach or mint

  5. man ted gets the coolest titles

  6. JehBerDeh

  7. 1:24 *sounds like 1999*

  8. There actually IS hot Cheetos ice cream tho- you know what let the boys make their ice cream lol

  9. this video had just the right balance of suffering and success. The highs would not be as high without the lows.

  10. I love how he says “I’m a businessman”

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