What else can the Los Angeles Lakers do in free agency? | SportsCenter

NBA Front Office Insider Bobby Marks says that the Los Angeles Lakers can add a max contract participant to their list of names if the New Orleans Pelicans are willing to organize the timing with them. He in addition discusses where David Griffin and the Pelicans’ young core will stand after the trade and their presumed no 1 draft pick Zion Williamson and the changing perception of the Lakers around the league.

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  1. Feel like Griffen took advantage of pelinka not being experienced. Ripped off the lakers

  2. D’Angelo Russell

  3. Starters
    PG: LeBron James
    SG: Jimmy Butler/JJ Reddick(12-18.5M)
    SF: Rodney Hood (3M)
    PF: Anthony Davis
    C: Javale Mcgee (2M)

    PG: Terry Rosier (2M)
    SG: Seth Curry (2.8M)
    SF: Reggie Bullock (2.5M)
    PF: Kyle Kuzma
    C: Enis Kanter (600k)

    (24.9M – 31.4 M)
    M=Millions for the slow ones???

  4. Isaiah Whitmore

    Lakers are going to be nice next year with Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Kyle Kuzma

  5. This woman is hot!!!

  6. I feel that the Lakers did very well with this trade but it all comes down to what else they do in free agency and/or trades. Trading ball does get rid of a decent pass first good defensive point guard and now they are somewhat hurting at the pg position. If they are able to even get a decent ball handler that can shoot alongside having Kuzma outside, they have a strong chance of blowing through all of the competition. I do have to say that on offense a tandem of AD and LBJ is something to fear. They will be a handful for any team that they come across.

  7. UseHer Friendly

    They need Kyrie way more than Boston like seriously if they don’t get him that team aint shit!!

  8. Two shooters and two defensive player maybe just one in the four position. they’d be pretty set then

  9. If they can go through the year they had and come out of it as favs to win it all next year…. I say everything they touch is gold!

  10. Get Kyrie PLZ

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