What does this mean for the future of the Elite? | AEW Dynamite 3/15/23

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All hell broke loose after our main event of Dynamite. But, the larger question is – What does this mean for The Elite & Hangman Adam Page?

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  1. All Elite Wrestling

    Which side should Hangman choose?
    – The Elite
    – Dark Order
    ⬇Comment in the thread⬇

  2. Guevara bumping for Jericho. Just as he should be.

  3. House of Black is everything. Hope their title runs long

  4. Best Dynamite in a minute. The whole damn show

  5. There is so much potential with the House of Black, they could merge the dark order with the House of Black and make it a spin off of the Ministry of darkness (Undertakers stable in late 90’s) Malachi could easily be AEW’s version of the undertaker. Malachi black is the Second great mind in AEW just like MJF he actually cares about his product.

  6. The elite versus Blackpool combat Club Anarchy in the arena match at double or nothing

  7. Is this in winnipeg?

  8. HOUSE OF BLACK!! Best booked AEW Dynamite in a long time. So stoked for the future feuds, teams are actually interconnected again with lots of different rivalries.

  9. Jake Hager needs to stop skipping leg days.

  10. Great match, but what was up with the crowd when the pin happened? Jeezus. I felt bad for the House of Black. I expected a bigger pop for the win.

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