What 3 straight days of God of War Ragnarok looks like

still trapped in the dream sequence

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“Silvermansound – Christmas Spirit” is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

Deep Rock Galactic OST – RUN!



  2. When frya yelled “Kratosssss!!!” It reminded me of RAAAAAAAIIIIDEEEERRR

  3. Actually It will continue where you left off. Cause your running into a boss my bud

  4. Epic odur OST from thymesia I see. You are a man of culture as well.

  5. Marvel thor Says something:
    Crowd: *laughs*

    Gow Thor says something:
    Gow fans: “We can talk this out-”

  6. Daniel van Rensburg

    That “hector!!!” Lol

  7. Imagine not having the Plat tho

  8. It’s funny because Bjorn literally means “bear”. Like I have a friend who’s name is Asbjorn and for my life I cannot understand why he insists we call him “Espen” while his actual name literally means “The Bear of Asgaard”. If I had a cool-ass name like that I’d make sure EVERYBODY fuckin’ called me that.

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