Wet Dirt :: Hermitcraft S9

Minecraft time on the Hermitcraft Server Season 9 SMP Episode 14. Go to http://buyraycon.com/bdubs for 15% off your order!

Today on the Hermitcraft Minecraft SMP, we finish our head shop by making a weighted randomizer! Later we commence building a new shop to sell dirt.

#minecraft #hermitcraft


  1. Tall people (like me) love Raycon everyday earbuds so much! Get 15% off your order here: http://buyraycon.com/bdubs

    • I swear to Pete you have the best commercials. You should definitely be writing for an ad agency (in your copious amounts of free time of course)

    • Honestly man, I don’t normally pay attention to sponsored sections in other peoples videos, but yours always makes me crack up. I hope your wife is alright! xD

    • Lol! Also weebs! (I have several Studio Ghibli DVDs and also Raycon Everyday earbuds.)

    • The tunnel over the walkway/road, is technically called a Sky Walk.

    • The fact that I smashed the ‘Like’ button after a …commmerrrical break just shows Bdubs is one of the best entertainers of all time. Guy should be host of The Tonight Show or something.

  2. “Aqua Soil”

  3. Just wanted to let you know… I kept hearing you speak about the Raycon earbuds and I bought a pair for myself… they are THEE best headphones I have EVER had. Wasted money on AirPods that don’t even work as great as the Raycons! Ended up buying my whole family them and we love them! Thanks for the truthful recommendation ❤️

  4. I’m 92% sure that building is the bakery from Kiki’s Delivery Service. Howl’s Moving Castle is more similar to a frankenbuilding. The building is absolutely lovely!

  5. Loved the epic metal timelapse!

  6. The corner face head is so cursed

  7. Best video ever

  8. Filberto Vandette

    Ok….bdubs should be writing commercials for all the Hermits…”I don’t want to hear that…” 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Hear me out, he might be a little color blind, the roof? he called it orange, the gray, ITS NOW GREEN!!

  10. One of my favorite Hermits and Minecrafters… Etho. 😉 jk. Bdubs fan always!

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