Westworld | Season 3 – Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

03.15.20 #Westworld


  1. This teaser reminds me of the Heptapod language from Arrival.

  2. Really tired of all the ‘it’s too complicated’ jokes. Sometimes you have to watch a show twice to completely understand it and that’s okay.

  3. This is nothing to do with westworld! Seems TV series are taken over by writers with a political agenda

  4. This show is gunna be the next big hit that GOT was I can feel it from this teaser. This teaser has GOT season 3 teaser vibes all over it for me for some reason.

  5. Except the 45th President of the United States was not Impeached. Well, its Science-Fiction so I guess they can dream.

  6. The Sweet Science

    Westworld is such a mind fuck but I love it!….I feel like S3 will go in a totally new direction from S1-2 but excited to see where it goes.

  7. been long enough…

  8. This many generic comments

  9. I sincerely hope it’s better than that horrid second season!

  10. Ruined this show with your leftist propaganda. Never again!

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