Westbrook declines to join on-court huddle, Will Lakers make playoffs? | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Chris Broussard, Nick Wright, and Kevin Wildes respond to Russell Westbrook not joining Patrick Beverley’s on-court huddle in the Lakers preseason loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves and what that means for the team. The crew talk about whether or not the Lakers are more likely to win a title or miss the playoffs?

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Westbrook declines to join on-court huddle, Will Lakers make playoffs?


  1. First Things First

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    • Nick needs to get evaluated for ADHD

    • Mayan King Revisited

      Russell Westbrook is gonna troll The Lakers all season And I’m here for it

    • The max kellerman effect

    • Stopit! No more making excuses for this Professional NBA Basketball Player! We heard this for how many years and we get the same conversation.
      Stopit Stephen A speaking about Westbrook’s Charity and Personally Off The Court Because He’s A Millionaire to Be A SuperStar and we haven’t seen that guy in about 5 years!

    • So we blame Patrick Beverly and not Russ making 47.1 million dollars acting like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. It didn’t matter who called the huddle. The point is Westbrick has a ego problem he’s delusional about his basketball skills (which have declined) and everyone throwing blame all over the place except where it belongs is contributing to him being out the league real soon! Stop babying this dude. His behavior was unacceptable no matter who is calling the huddle.

  2. I went to the Kings vs Lakers pre-season game tonight and saw Westbrook sit on the bench holding a ball in his hands blankly staring into space while the rest of his team warmed up before the game. His lack of enthusiasm was noticeable. It just seemed like he didn’t want to be there.

  3. AD already complaining about his back and it’s only preseason.. Team will hit him there.. Iz over with or without Russ they still dont have a legit shooter to compliment Bron and AD..

  4. Dennis rodman was more controversial, explosive,, stubborn in his own way but listen to Mike & Phil, other than his own in-game or off court antics. He was a worker and great team mate to do his job to the best of his ability. Phil wanted him to rebound so he rebound.. wasn’t #1 or a shooter or wine/moan.. took hard fouls and dish them out locking up everybody..
    Man used to be man.
    Really no excuse, no hand checks or rough ball anymore just drama queens

    • Perfectly written. Even though any minute, trolls or young kids who didn’t grow up during that era going to attack your comment. But yes, Dennis was 20x more controversial (only those who grew during that era knows). Wayy more explosive and powerful. All jokes aside, go look at how NBA players physiques were back then compare to now. Era of hand checkingg, rough ball. It’s crazy to see how men were designed decades ago compare to now. Society, in so many ways, has really weakened men in so many ways and in so many variations. There’s books and studies on this

  5. I don’t agree with Nick on Pat bev

  6. Someone colored their hair 👀👀

  7. Nick doesn’t know what he is talking about again. Beverly is correct, bring the same energy that you will bring during the season. If Westbrook can’t figure it out, then send him on his way.

  8. For 47 million, I’d be a role player, bench player, coach player, silent player, starting player, cheerleader, whatever.
    #0 is ungrateful and is being a baby.

  9. Why is The Bubble stigmatized? That was some great basketball.

  10. Imagine paying immature grown men millions of dollars to play a kids game 😂

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