We’re Pregnant!

Ahhhh, secret’s out! Ben and I are ready to begin the largest chapter of our lives. The most up-to-date member to our lil fam is arriving this autumn. This entire experience has been big for us and I just desired to share a slice of what was going through my mind.



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  1. Ohhh my goodness. I’m in tears reading all your comments. Thank you thank you thank you for the amount of support. 😭😭😭I was really nervous uploading this video, but I just wanted to be honest and open about it all. I hope it can help anyone who’s experiencing something similar. Honestly Ben, Cheeki and I are SO excited to welcome our newest family member in September. 👶🏻

  2. This vidéo is BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING ! No have words 🌞 You will be a beautiful parents ! 🤍

  3. I just started crying and smiling……….that’s it

  4. I’m crying hahaha. Oh my god. Congratulations!!! I wish you nothing but the very best. Can’t wait to see the mini version of you and Ben. Take care Jenn. I love you so much😭❤

  5. I just know ima cry. So exciting. Wishing you the absolute best

  6. So hauntingly beautiful! I truly felt like i was going through the experience with you and cried throughout. Thank you for being so raw and vulnerable and honest.

  7. Oh Jenn! I AM WEEPING! You and Ben and the little one deserve every happiness.

  8. Im cryinggg!! Congratulations both of you!! You guys are going to be amazing parents🤍

  9. I know you’re gonna be an amazing mom… I know because you cried about wanting to be a good mom. That shows you care deeply about it. You will be a great mom 💕💕💕

  10. Cant stop my tears of joy for you, ive watching your channel for so long since i was living LA and then i move back to Taiwan, love you and Ben a lot wish you all the best and you guys are gonna be great parents!!!!

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