Recollect the hit TV show, Silent Library, on MTV? Well welcome to the littler budget Silent Library by MEEE. I am here to cop the show to bring you back the silent but fatal challenges we all liked then, and now again. This is the quietest you will ever see our friend group be. Watch us silently scream through three testing challenges for a chance to win the REALLY rewarding grand prize. Thanks for watching baby boos! Episode two, coming soon…



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Shout out to my shiny new team! Thank you for creating with lil ol’ me.

Thank you to Laurel Hall School! You should sage your library.
Producer: Jason Chen
Supervising Producer: Tracy Chitupatham
Production Assistant: Kari Gatson
Creative Directors: Liza Koshy and Cory Pitkavish (@korywithastory)
Videographers: Cory Pitkavish, Evan Butka, Ben Meredith
Editors: Cory Pitkavish and Liza Koshy
Sound: Leo Chor
Production Designer: Ben Ralston
Art Director: Yesha Hayes
Set Dresser: Gabriel Gonzales
3D Artist: Duncan Rawlings
Music: BBGUNS (@bbgunspgh)

Thank you for watching!

All the love,


  1. i could watch this for hours ??

  2. Oh my god!! Please make this a series! I used to love this show!!! You did an amazing job recreating it

  3. Duncan Comerford

    Funny af

  4. If immigrants truly like having brain cells, this will probably warn them away.

  5. This has been online for A WHOLE DAY and I just found it ?

  6. Chloe Harrington

    uh… does liza have colored fillings??

  7. Me when Liza posts on my birthday (it is a day after my birthday when I’m writing this)

  8. What would they have done if a girl got chosen? That’s how you know this was set up. Still funny though

  9. Liza’s like a mom ????

  10. Michaela Caitlin

    So much heavy breathing

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