The BANKS Family AMAZON Items:



    • GOD IS GOOD 🤎🤞🏽🙏

    • I LOVE you guys! 🤎 You both came a long way ! 👏🏽🤎🥂

    • I love y’all guys. Y’all remind me of me & my wife lol. Hope y’all doing good & staying safe. The money will be very helpful to me & my little family. I’m working on paying off my car by the of this year & im saving for house. There’s more but Those are the two are main things. If I win the money. That would mean a lot me & my little family. Have a blessed day guys.

    • So excited for your journey! BabyBoy coming soon 👏 🙏❤️
      I would like to win the 500$ because I recently had to sell my only transportation because my transmission was going out , I’m a stay at home mom and now me and my 2 year old are stuck at home it can be mentally draining 😢, I would use the 500$ towards what I have save to help me get something small to get around town 🤞🏻 love you guys ❤️

    • Hi I recently learned my husband cheated on me. And I’m looking to separate. That $500 would help me get a place for myself and start my healing journey. This is the hardest time in my life!

  2. I think it all matter what’s comfortable to you guys as a family and mentally, i cant wait to see what route you guys go & just want to say best of luck and god bless you both, the kids, and future baby boy coming soon. As for me if i won the giveaway i would use it to buy my mom a spa day for her birthday coming up on the 22nd. She is a single mother and my sinling are 4 & 1 1/2 yrs old, i just wanna gift her a spa day to relax while i stay home with the kids.. and the leftover money pay bills since im the only one working & living day by day for us 4 trying to provide for us. But nonetheless to whoever wins the 500$ im happy for you & to ronnie and macky god bless you with many more to bless others with what you guys give, we all appreciate you guys so much. Thankyou for taking the time to read everyones comments 🙏🏽

  3. Have faith! save your money! God will give you exactly what you want in time💙 my mum had 2 boys back to back similar to Mac, then her 3rd pregnancy was sadly a miscarriage ( also a boy). She dreamed of having a girl but was scared to go through it all again….to her surprise her next pregnancy a few years later was a baby girl 💞💞💞 Let god do the work 😘love you guys!!

  4. Who cares@!!!

  5. Turn to Jesus Christ !! Flee all this unrighteousness and sin. He’s coming back again. God bless you 🙏🏽

  6. Why tf do ppl give ordinary humans such clout and a sense of importance…

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