Welcome Luka “Perkz” Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement

You already know who he is. He’s playing mid lane, his handle is Perkz, and he’s coming to NA on Cloud9. See him.
Read more: http://c9.gg/welcome-perkz

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Welcome Luka “Perkz” Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement
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  1. He’s coming to NA. Watch him.
    Read more: http://c9.gg/welcome-perkz

  2. this may be the comeback for NA

  3. seconds into the vid and 11.75 million ??? OMG C9

  4. that c9 money too good

  5. Excited to see Perkz finally make our region a competing region along with the other imports. It’s sad that as NA Players we fail in comparison to these other regions, but hopefully we can actually learn something from them and no cripple these amazing players anymore.

  6. That smile at 1:45 says it all

  7. Top half of the LCS is looking super competitive this year can not wait welcome perkz happy to see my favorite LEC player in NA

  8. Iftakhar Alam Khan

    I thought this a Luka doncic video lol

  9. Does this make Perkz the highest paid League of Legends player? I know some other esports pay more but damn 11mil?

  10. lets smurf on them dude

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