Unusual things that only exist in Japan! Just some Japanese merchandise, innovations and irregular things you do not truly find in the remainder of the world! Leave a Like if you took pleasure in!
Hi I’m SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! I upload video clips every single day! Follow me:


  1. almost every time I meet someone new I ask to barrow there phone and subscribe to this channel

  2. Two minutes in had to pause could not stand the nasal new joisey assent

  3. Jade Pretorius

    React to things you can only find in South africa

  4. OMG I’m going to Japan to for the first time in my life and can you go on the school holidays

    I’m from Australia and my mum doesn’t want me to miss school ? ???

  5. My country doesn’t even allow gum… -_-

  6. X_phoenix_X 23

    Licence? Suspended
    Hotel? Trivago

  7. Someone steels your card and boom free car and carkeys


  8. shadowultimate10

    One of the worst videos ive watched

  9. Damn practically screaming at the mic

  10. motomi777 motomi777

    Lia you said angle but it said angel thats why it did not sound right. By the way I’m japanese.

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