Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on the Met Gala – SNL

Pete Davidson pops by Weekend Update to debate the 2021 Met Gala.

Saturday Night Live.

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  1. We did take those balls photos, lolz

  2. I love Pete, he is hilarious!

  3. Gayla is right….

  4. I love it when the notification shows up ‘someone liked your comment’ and “you have a new subscriber”…….

  5. Pete Davidson looks like next first Lady, And im living for it.

  6. Pete is not funny at all. Snl need get rid of him alrdy

  7. XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII

    Imagine a world where plebs and shitlibs believe “Pete” is funny lol

  8. Is there an actual audience there? Everyone’s laughter cuts off all at once like a recording. It’s unsettling.

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