Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Living with His Mom – SNL

Pete Davidson pops by Weekend Update to speak about living with his mom.

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  1. “If I buying a house, I’m living in it” Classic!!!!

  2. Alex Morquecho

    Dude you’re a piece of shit in my book.

  3. Bwahahaha!!! 😂😂😂

  4. They let crackheads on TV now?

  5. Is that his real mom? She’s so pretty 😍

  6. How is Pete even on the show? Not funny. Chris Kattan freaky look alike

  7. Pete’s mum dummy thiccc

  8. David Humphries

    Pete is such a weird dude

  9. FlyingOverTr0ut

    My mom’s going to love this.

  10. 5,000 subs Without any vids

    Can we make his clear?

    Wtf is up with his eyes??

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