Wednesday Pitch Meeting

Step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Wednesday!

Netflix has one more show to add to their list of humongous list of world-wide successes with Wednesday, the Addams Family spinoff from Tim Burton.

Wednesday absolutely raises some questions though. Like why is Wednesday the only non-normal person at a school full of monsters? Why does she simultaneously love horrible stuff while actively trying to stop horrible stuff from happening? Why does the guy who hates magic use so much magic? Why is Goody Addams named Addams?!

To answer all these questions, check out the pitch meeting that led to Wednesday.

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  1. I bet no one will reply my comment

  2. I actually decide to watch it and a movie She is in I was surprised to like Her acting I honestly thought the show and She would suck I do not know much about these young Actors.

  3. Not just because of the dance, there are gloomy gothic characters with Tim Burton’s signature

  4. I could never figure out the morality of the people in this universe. Still loved it though. What’s funny is, goody is actually part of the fathers side of the family. But it doesn’t make sense, since the mother side os where the magic come from

  5. I’m convinced this show is only popular because every guy who grew up with “Goth Girl” crushes on TV just watches it because they like Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) and not because of the shows premise.

    I may or may not be guilty of this 🤔

  6. I am upset this video did not come out on a Wednesday.

  7. Now more people will listen to The Cramps thanks to this show! 😍

  8. The most ridiculous thing during this show was how Wednesday drove every single person around her away by being the worst person short of a bloodthirsty monster and then everyone just forgave her at the end of the season.

  9. Gomez’s power is getting aroused by Morticia? Hey, that’ my power too..

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