We Turned New Zealand Into a Giant Real-Life Board Game

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Constructed by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Featuring Toby Hendy
Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza
Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess , João Pessegueiro, Parker Simmons, Derek Brown, Elise Heersink, Sara Stoltman, Max Moser
Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen
Supervising Producer Graham Haerther
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster


  1. Carina Bihlmayer

    THE most american sentence of all seasons “Is toast what they call bread here?” 😂😂 BECAUSE ITS NOT BREAD – ITS TOAST AND THOSE ARE NOT THE SAME THING! 😂

  2. PureBloodSorryBoutIt

    Great content! Shout out lud for showing me jet lag!

  3. I like how you take the time to narrate the cards challenges this time! I like not having to pause to read them each time.

    GL Ben and Adam!

  4. 21:44 “In a linear system that’s too wet, this would be dryer, where is the point where it gets too solid? If we go halfway in here, that’s a systematic way to test.”

    Also known as “yeah the middle makes sense” lol

  5. Not vetoing immediately after getting the six just shows that Sam did not dig any hole in his life. Even a three on a dice is pretty hard without a shovel.

  6. Was I the only one screaming at Sam and Toby to get their snowboard and use it as a shovel?

  7. Wow The layover is the actual perfect podcast name. Love you guys

  8. Next time do the Star of Africa IRL 😀

  9. i saved watching this episode for after i finished some uni work and what a great treat!!!
    ben and adam, dream team forever! although i am curious about what a ben and toby team would look like, would the chilled whimsical vibes be a bad thing? or would they overcome the eternally stressed sam and adam?

  10. New Zealand was kinda a fps in 2019

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