we try every kraft mac and cheese – even the expired ones!

it is not terrific!

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  1. I love watching the rest of the crew experience the horrors while Dan and Arin laugh at them

  2. Dan takes 5 bites every food power hour, total 5 bites, he always sorta likes one, and the rest is *bite, spit it out, scream or say you love it*

  3. Moose Arellano Martinez

    “Hey Billy what was your favorite episode of Game Grumps Power Hour?”
    “I really like the one where The Grumps eat Mac and Cheese for a looong time!”

  4. I like mac and cheese

  5. this was not a good video to watch while eating

  6. the food in Hook

  7. I like Mac and cheese

  8. The jalapeno flavor pack is a neon orange.

  9. She can breathe in the pepper from way over there!!!

  10. Good mythical morning refers to that “cardboard” flavor as wade boggs, like the 80’s baseball card of wade boggs. Gross.

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