We Tried the Internet’s Weirdest Toothbrush (w/ Drew Gooden)

Today, I cooperate with Drew Gooden to expose the truth behind the internet’s craziest toothbrush, the SymplBrush. It was 20x more bristles than a typical toothbrush, it is fashioned like the letter ‘U’, and it looks bad!

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  1. I don’t know you.
    I like how your pseudo timid nature mixes with drew.
    If drew trusts you. I will. Subbed

  2. The Warzone Formerly Known As Sweden

    Did they just not consider wisdom teeth?

  3. drew gooden ahahah

  4. T@p (me) t.0. h@ve {sEx} with !ME!

    This type of toothbrush was originally designed for disabled adults/children to give them more independence! It’s a lot easier, physically and mentally, to put this in your mouth than it is to actually brush manually 🙂

  5. With the autobrush type tooth brushes, you need a tongue scraper! You need to scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper, which feels really weird at first but you get used to it. My dental hygienist told me to use a regular electric toothbrush (with manual brushing still to get all the hard to teach spots), do not brush your tongue but use a tongue scraper, also do not re-brush or intentionally rinse your teeth after brushing which is weird to me but I also got used to that lol

  6. Drew saying a $150 toothbrush, saving you 1 day of time and therefor of pay, made me sad thinking “yea I WISH I made that much in a single day…”

  7. this video was super enjoyable and its clear that you’ve been putting a lot of effort and thought into your videos latelykeep it up bro

  8. Christina Iverson

    my two favorite guys!!

  9. Devil's Advocate

    Ok, but like this might be slightly easier for me (maybe). Cause I’m very, VERY bad at oralcare because of my disabilities.

  10. Isnt like a big part of not making your breath smell bad brushing your tongue tho?

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