We tried the Hot Ones sauces. It was agonizing.

I asked Gavin from @The Slow Mo Guys if he desired to play a game. Sorry, Gav. | AD: ‍💻 Try a free week of coding lessons with Boolean’s Fundamentals Camp: https://on.boolean.co.uk/fd_tom_scott

Series Producer/Director: Kirsten Taylor
Assistant Producer: Han Evans
Editor: Chris Leggat
Sound Design: Dan Pugsley | https://www.cassinisound.com/
Executive Producers: Cambria Bailey-Jones, Guy Larsen
A Pad 26/Penny4 Production https://www.penny4.co.uk


  1. I think we both have regrets. | AD: ‍💻 Try a free week of coding lessons with Boolean’s Fundamentals Camp: https://on.boolean.co.uk/fd_tom_scott

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    • Not to rain on Gavin’s achievement, but you guys had Da Bomb Evolution. The sauce on Hot Ones is Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, and it is way, way hotter than Evolution. And it tastes awful. Evolution is a somewhat ok hot sauce. Beyond Insanity is battery acid.

    • That Guy Reviews & Fix Everything

      I enjoy hot sauce on food, but not when it takes away the flavor! This just looks painful, but great stuff. Kept it entertaining. 🙂

    • @void They made Evolution because Sean required all natural ingredients for the sauces they sold. The original Da Bomb has artificial ingredients.

    • Tom, If you didn’t have to do the last dab I was going to unsub! I loved watching you overcome your fear of coasters, and while I haven’t had the opportunity to conquer that fear myself, on this occasion I am delighted to welcome you to the “last dab” club! Gavin was a great sport about it but next time you should try Da Bomb regardless!

  2. Spacewarp Photography

    Tom guessed 800,000 sq meters for the largest IKEA store. The Mall of America is only 452,000 sq meters.

  3. Oh no. I’m high and I just saw Tom say “I don’t know how long a dog lives! I should know that!” in a panic and I can’t breathe. Yes Tom, you probably should.

  4. Props to gav, he held out on the liquid

  5. Kitulous Gamedev Channel

    when they said dogs lived for 26 and 32 years, i thought “if it was 29 it would have been a great ending”, then it turned out to be 29… and 5 months! disappointed.

  6. slippery nickels

    oh boy that last question was SO good. i could have gotten it, so it was incredibly suspenseful to watch yall work out your answers. TWENTY FOUR MINUTES. great video.

    i’d love to modify a drinking game to use hot sauces.

  7. “It’s not immediat-”
    “Oh my god”

  8. 21:39 could be a painting

  9. Gotta say that having questions of random numbers or statistics that almost no one would ever know is just stupid.

  10. 29:00 the greatest subtitle ever

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