We Tried Making Japanese Aesthetic Sandwiches

Howdy and welcome to another video clip!

Today we are trying to make some Japanese aesthetic sandwiches! Safiya and I have seen these all over our Youtube homepage in the form of tasty looking thumbnails, and we figured we should try to make some of our own at home. We are going to be making three different sandwiches – 2 sweet and 1 savory: a strawberry & cream, a fruit flower, and an egg sandwich! It will be hard for us to go mistaken taste-wise, but how GOOD can we get them to look? Can we match those eye catching thumbnails? We will have to figure out!

playstation – we did have some technical problems with our audio during our second sandwich – it sounds a little tin-y, so if you notice it, it is not just you! regretful about that!

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Produced & Edited by
Carly Dawson
Nez Covington
Tyler Williams
Safiya Nygaard
Alaina Simmons
Hailey Cox

GFX by
Dayana Espinoza
Elizabeth Pinotti
Carly Dawson

Via Audio Network


  1. You did amazing!

  2. I kinda like the deep fried audio

  3. Katie Archbold

    If you do the flower one with strawberries it looks like a tulip and isn’t as tall.

  4. hoshi's pet tiger

    ooh i love the little animations (ilustrations?)

  5. ella batholomew

    im feelinf something here…..

  6. Veera Virtanen

    I get the impression that you have dull knives. That kiwi cutting looked hard lol

  7. that is one egg-saland egg salad sandwich!

  8. QuEsTiOnAbLe HeAtHeN

    I’m only a minute in and Cosmo has stolen my heart
    He looks so cute and mischievous 🙂

  9. Everytime Tyler opens a carton I get flashbacks to the Friends episode where Joey does the commercial for the milk pouring spout hahahah

  10. The Nibble Witch

    I think Tyler overwhipped the cream a bit. That was nearly butter consistency.

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