We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Womanish

“This girl is out of her mind!”


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  1. Any mommas breastfeeding their babies while watching? ?‍♀️

  2. Dilovan Şêr حرية

    There’s a time and place for breastfeeding and in some places in public it isn’t the place

  3. I have seen people actually breastfeeding in public and we others were just pretending nothing happened, but it’s actually very uncomfortable

  4. Watching this video with my baby breastfeeding hehe. This is such an important thing! Breastfeeding is natural and normal, it’s what breasts are made for! And you don’t have to cover up!! No one should care if they see your breast whole you feed your baby!

  5. I think this was a really thoroughly done video, I’m really impressed you guys did it in so many areas! As a breastfeeding mom myself i always have self confidence issues when I’m doing it in public and i appreciate the support through this video ?

  6. Arezki Oudachène

    These women create imaginary problems and imaginary complications out of thin air

  7. were they watching super natural??

  8. Abbrielle Rain

    I had so much anxiety this whole video and loved it so much ?

  9. I breastfed my son, but because I have cerebral palsy and am wheelchair-bound breastfeeding in public was impossible for us. In order for me to breastfeed him I had to have his special pillow and I had to be sitting in a certain way. But I definitely would have if I could.

  10. You can pull your breasts out in public for any reason you want ( breastfeeding, streaking idc) but dont get suprised when I look or leave… Im a man and breasts make me feel a certain way.

    Im thinking how men feel about breasts ( or women..) are why its taboo to breastfeed in public. I’ve read stories of women being raped for way less, like a simple hello or look.

    I just read what I texted and it sounds cruel but I cant find anything above thats not true.

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