We Took Neighbor Drag Racing and It Was an Epic FAILURE lol… Here is the Problem!

NEW DAD BOD SHIRTS – https://cleetusmcfarland.com/
The ol Crown Vic was NOT READY for the drag strip. That GT500 engine needed some Giraffe Tuning for sure!

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Aug 24th Houston
Nov 23th Bradenton

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-Leroy’s BILLET Intake!

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  1. 5:40 Honda civics at 3am

  2. I gotta know what’s up with that bar in the middle of the rear bumper what is it for

  3. I feel more American every time I watch this channel. Please make a H1 run 10’s so I can put a big flag pole in my front yard with those stars and stripes and a big number 3 flag.

  4. Neigbours new name ‘The Crab’

  5. this shit is garbage

  6. looks like bad rear shock

  7. Alex DeShetler

    How come you offer the dad bod shirts in multiple sizes? Dad bods are L and XL only

  8. That was some grandma shifting on the first pass

  9. When will more hats come in !??

  10. Holy shit drake put on some pounds @6:34 ??

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