We Surprised Joey Cold Cuts With Brand New Wedges!

The new Callaway CB Wedges are available now! – https://www.callawaygolf.com/cbwedges/ #CallawayPartner

MERCH – https://breezy golf.com/


  1. I need to know if Bobby got that breakfast burrito and if so, the people need a rating!

  2. Joey D if you’re reading this, I love you and BDS wouldn’t be as good as it is without you. The style, the swagger, the humor, and you nail shots I doubt I’ll ever hit. You’re a dynamo and I love watching you play golf! You guys crack me up every time.

  3. The intervention circle when they presented them 😂

  4. Great job Cutsy. Seriously amazing improvement in such a small amount of time. And what a genius way to sell some wedges! Another great video fellas

  5. Love this video boys!!

  6. Operation Wedge Drop

  7. Bobby 3 jack

  8. Joey “By The Way” Cold Cuts

  9. If Joey is reading these comments, you got this man.

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