We Style Each Other For Under $50 • Feminine

“Wow, disasters! Takes one to understand one!”


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Happy family set
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Prince Harry Visits Nottingham
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Little House On the Prairie Postage Stamp
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Little house on the prairie
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Mattel’s Ken Doll Celebrates 40th Anniversary
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Male client in clothing store
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  1. I love the look on Kristin!! You look so cute girl. I’m OBSESSED WITH BOTH LOOKS

  2. I have the BIGGEST CRUSH on Jen , ✊?

  3. I love that “mmm hmm” from Jen before coming out. Sounds like a sound from the bedroom.

  4. cc23cc02kk12 122302

    Here in the Philippines you can buy an entire outfit for $2

  5. failures

    tAkEs oNe tO KnoW ONe


  6. *jen changing in cloths in the closet*
    ‘GIVE ME A KNIFE’. —Jen 2019

  7. ‘The little house on the Pirere’ —Kristen
    ‘I have never read that book’ —Jen
    ‘Well it’s about a pirere and well……… a house’ kristen

  8. Jennifer Lizama

    Try goodwill next time!! It’s amazing the treasures you find!!

  9. Haha Kristin’s singing made the shopping process so much more fun, also I love Kristin and Jen together they are both so fun to watch!

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