We Solved Hilarious Moral Dilemmas

if there is an option to eliminate even a single child from this earth, I will take it at any cost.
Edited by @Zaltoman


  1. what game is this??

  2. Seeing Grace was great

  3. Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    hi Grace you sure are cool I sure hope that this video doesn’t have complex moral dilemmas that’s will reveal concerning facets of your character

  4. Indominasaurus

    Lemme solve the trolley problem real quick,
    Step 1: do nothing and let the five people die
    Step 2: pull the lever and wait for the next train

  5. My wonderus world

    Someones gunna immediately clip that

    -Charlie slimecicle
    get the slimy slider

  6. Beau The Emerald Minecart

    What about Siri?

  7. You guys will put the word “hilarious” over anything 😭

  8. Not gonna lie, Grace kinda looks like a female version of Charlie

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