We Put $4000 Suspension on our $500 Civic

Our $500 Civic handles like linguine, so we chose to give it a little love in the form of coilovers, strut tower bars, rear brace, and rear sway bar.

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  1. Kevin Brantley

    Love to see the old school “money pit” style videos back!

  2. the only mistake with that bushings is that they don’t torque them on lift, the car should be on the ground

  3. I had a Civic EG like this with an engine swap, and it was the most fun car I’ve had. Glad to see this is gonna get some love

  4. A mo powah baby

  5. A b16 swap you a rev it high and it want get you in any speed ticket trouble

  6. I seem a lot of potential for this little car. Nice paint job or wrap and Si rims would make it look good

  7. put an S2000 engine in it

  8. “she ain’t pretty but she puts out”

  9. MFW obvious chassis brace is a chassis brace

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