We offered $350 to complete these donuts (most could not)

We hosted a gummy donut consuming contest to look at who could finish the most donuts in ten minutes!


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We were able to snag three members of the Vat19 crew and cord them into a gummy donut consuming competition! First place gets $250, second place gets $100, and 3rd place gets $0.

About Vat19:
Vat19 is devoted to “intriguingly awesome” gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making amusing commercials you will really want to witness, we produce astonishing challenge video clips, document our outrageous tools, and invite you to a first row seat for our preposterous stunts. On occasion we blow things up, refill a tub or pool with insane things, dare one another to eat super highly spiced foods, and answer “searing questions” from our viewers.

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  1. I’m getting mr beast vibes from this

  2. I don’t get it.

    He’s holding up $350, the title says $350, but he’s only giving away $250. Was he just flexing he has an extra benji?

  3. Gorvika Kaushik


  4. Theodore Avison

    Me as a kid would shove the entire thing in my mouth and ask for more

  5. omg Army!

  6. *diabetes*

  7. Gorvika Kaushik

    Why did they only get 250 dollars I thought it was 350

  8. Omg the girl is army she has an RJ plush and pop dolls of bts *DUDE*

  9. 1:02 I spot a Jin stan

  10. *title* “We offered $350 to finish these donuts”
    *beginning of video* “Whoever can eat the most in 10 minutes will walk away with $250”

    Ԁ∩ NƎԀO IᙠℲ

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