We NEED More Horror Games Like This One…PLEASE

I Played the Best Siren Head Game Ever and I Regret Everything
Welcome to Siren Head Resurrection! Siren Head Resurrection is a spectacular fright adventure that extends the Siren Head cosmos. I do not know why I just heard about this game, but let us give it a go! Let us play Siren Head Resurrection!

Play and support Siren Head Resurrection: https://show-more.itch.io/siren-head-resurrection

INCREDIBLE Siren Head Model in thumbnail by LightningOcelot: https://sketchfab.com/lightningocelot

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Siren Head Resurrection on itchio: https://show-more.itch.io/siren-head-resurrection

About Siren Head Resurrection:
Siren Head Resurrection is a solo, indie, fan made game. The project began only as a short teaser and received a terrific positive feedback from the community. The game was in development for 8 months and was designed with replayability in mind.


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  1. Arlan Fernando

    Alright girls get the pizzas and sleeping bags and were going to the bunker don’t worry the bunker is not that big it has kitchen stuff a bathroom and bedroom and don’t worry all of them are connected there’s no door and its just 1 step just to get to kitchen and the bathroom too we have backup generator just 2 steps away and that room is sound proof we have weapons too we have ammo storage and gasoline storage for the generator well what we waiting for let’s watch scary movies we have a window made to look like dirt its one sided so we can see what’s outside and we have cameras

  2. Its so wild this game was made by ONE PERSON. I can’t to see what else the developer does with it.

  3. please play project zomboid with your friends! Project zomboid is one of if not the best open world zombie survival games out there including a zombie infection system, Character customization with professions buffs and debuffs, zombie awareness, steam workshop support, crafting, building, multiplayer (whenever with friends or an entire server) and even a dynamic enviroment that’s changing the longer you play! (nature taking over, more zombies appearing, water and electricity shutting off, functional weather reports, news and even an incredible storyline that can be uncovered watching tv’s or listening to radios!) and my favourite… literally THE ONLY plot armor you get in this game is being one of the lucky ones to be immune to the airborne strain of the virus. Thats literally it. you can easily get infected if not careful enough, shooting will have a horde coming for you, a car alarm going off, a helicopter flying by, house alarm, all that makes noise that attracts zombies, and much much more

  4. [ J A S H]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    The fact that IGP goes so in-depth as to put an echo in his voice in the caves is why he’s my favorite YouTuber this guy is going above and beyond and I love it lol

  5. It looks dope. The home menu gives a bit of The Forest vibes.

  6. i miss click instead of like i click upsidedown like😂

  7. When you smacked that deer with the rock, that shit had me dying lmaooo

  8. Nd u said solo dev??y isn’t this man wrkin for Ubisoft or Rockstar????

  9. Is that really a shotgun? It kinda seems like an elephant gun.

  10. First time seeing videos from this guy. Is his game always louder than his voice?

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