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  1. I love this house so much! I think it’s perfect for what your family needs right now and I hope the process for finding your long term home goes well too!!! Love you guys! <3

  2. Jameson plays! Youtube

    That garden space is magical

  3. GURLLLL.. YOUR HAIR!!!!! ME WANT!!!!!

  4. This is my dream home omg so happy for u

  5. It feels like only yesterday I was in the bath in Disney land Hotel watching the birth vlog of Flynn then a month later my Sister-in-law calling me telling me she had my nephew and now he’s getting so big

  6. Where is this place with perfect weather? Lol

  7. the new house is spectacular !! so excited to watch u guys live there !! ♥️♥️

  8. Tehya Rose du Toit

    Quick question: Why does Kory live with you?

  9. One day
    One day

  10. Evelyn Van Dyken

    the green egg thing is a smoke cooker

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