We Made A BIG CHANGE… Letting Shane Control The Day

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Hope you have a terrific day!


  1. Where the heck is morgan?

  2. The cheese in the car LOL. What a fun video, loved it.

  3. Not me also saying shut the fuck up🤣

  4. Annette Auckland


  5. I wanted to see more of the Melrose trading post. THRIFTING VLOG NEXT!

  6. Love you and Shane but the way you were panicking over dropping cheese. Lol just wait til you have baby it feels like your car will never be clean.😂😂😂 Coming from a mama love you both and so excited for you two!

  7. Heatherdontcaresothere

    Sugar and Spice are great! Talented, for sure!

  8. Shane seems to thriving even in Cali. What a fun thing to do as a couple. Also is Morgan okay? Haven’t seen her in a minute.

  9. The first outfit with the green jacket but like Ryland said skinny jeaned with some black boots 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  10. anastasia Marie

    Ok fashionista Shane! Let’s gooo !!!!

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