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  1. Carmen and Corey

    Any Negative comments will be blocked from our youtube channel. We do not have time for the negativity thanks to our TRUE supporters that’s watching because you guys actually support us ❤️

    • Praying for you guys!! Sorry for your loss. I pray that God will bless you guys double for your trouble. We all know that the 1st trimester is the scary part, but when God bless you guys again my suggestion is to wait and tell us after the 1st trimester is over. I believe in the power of the tongue and I believe ppl can speak things over you. Stay prayed up, Keep the faith, & know that God got you guys. Much Love!!

    • @GeminiFortunes how many times you gonna copy & paste not everybody wants to do that shii stfu

    • Slylie Zeroseven

      Maybe if you didn’t monetize the death of a child you wouldn’t be getting negative comments but oh well 🤷‍♂️

    • money hungry shit parents

    • Carmen? More like Karen ofc there will be negatively because used your baby’s death (GG) for views

      Btw i don’t why I called her a Karen Lol I just felt like it

  2. Ion think this it chief.

  3. Corey you are a great man. Don’t t never let anyone take that from you bro. I’m so hurt for y’all…God has a better timing in store that’s all. Don’t know y’all but watching y’all feels like I do. Love bro. Praying for y’all.❤️🙏🏾

  4. Bevin Giggle horn

    Nice ads

  5. Do you possibly have PCOS? Fiance went through something similar. Much love, stay strong.

  6. Very sorry to hear of your loss. God bless and comfort you during this time

  7. Babe… I think I had a miscarriage. Uhm anyways yea so we should make a video about this !!

  8. LMFAOOOO that baby dodged a bullet

  9. God’s got y’all covered man🤧❤️✨👊🏽I love you guys and I know y’all will get another bsby

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