We learn how to be Pirates at PIRATES ADVENTURE!

They are going to do what we call in the industry ‘the bloodstained stain on the road’

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  1. pirates would wear eye-shadow to prevent glare from the sun coming off the mighty seas. And because it made them look ssssssmokin’ hot.

  2. 0:47 show feet
    1:34 actual first sign of eef
    1:43 oh cute he’s checking dan out
    2:25 what i thought was first sign of eef
    3:32 don’t listen to your ears, this is not a sign of eef
    5:23 this isn’t my sword
    6:26 ✨bbuing✨
    7:54 shea shanty
    9:28 – 9:55 this is a purely self-indulgent list but this point is extra special coz i like her voice a lot 😀
    10:23 three different “oh”s
    10:38 dan used seduction. it is effective.
    10:50 the way this was shot makes it seem like a Keeping Up with Dan and Arin show
    13:17 the distress in his smile and cracks in his voice are what makes him so enticing
    16:17 the way he says “what’s up ethan :D”, you’d think ethan had said “hey dad”
    16:49 married
    16:54 the point where i decided pirate!dan could definitely rival metal!dan
    17:36 the distress in his smile and cracks in his voice are what makes him so enticing
    19:25 eef spiralling in real-time

  3. the grumps have peaked

  4. I remember going to this a long time ago. Fantastic show honestly!

  5. Darkovika Plays Sim Games

    They’re living my dreams hahaha, i loooove Pirate Adventure and Medieval Times. Legit my favorite places in Cali 🤣

  6. “I’m 43 man” I always forget Dan’s in his 40’s

  7. 4:36 omg it’s Ethan!

    He’s gone 😢

    16:15 He’s back!

    He’s gone 😔

    19:15 He’s back again!

  8. that thumbnail goes way way to hard

  9. 6:31 the question I absolutely need answered please dear god

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