‘We kept hearing gunshots’: 12 folks killed in Virginia Beach shooting

Police stated 12 folks were killed and multiple folks were wounded in a May 31 shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal complex. This is a developing story. Read more: https://wapo.st/2wtQxYq.


  1. East End Dayton

    Banning semi autos will not prevent this. 8-shot .357 revolvers are easily obtainable. 12 gauge pumps are everywhere. Both in the right hands can take out 12 people in no time. Then what? Ban ALL guns?

    If you do that than guns will be sold like drugs are now. They’ll be smuggled in and sold to the criminals who will then be fearless due to the knowledge that law abiding citizens are unarmed.

    It’s the same as prohibition for alcohol in the 30’s. Even though it was outlawed it was still readily available for the right price.

    Same as drugs today. Does making drugs illegal keep it off the street? Of course not.

    We need as many law abiding citizens armed as possible. And in as many places as possible.

    These psychos need immediate resistance, by the time police arrive there’s usually already a dozen bodies.

  2. This is America!

  3. Christian Bland


  4. When is Enough ,Enough. We need better Gun Control Law Or we are gonna lose more lifes to Gun.

  5. Why didn’t these people shoot back?
    Oh wait never mind.

  6. Gun. Control. When will people learn?

  7. Can we just stop killing each other Jesus….it’s 2019????

  8. Omar Hernandez

    I hope no woman died :'(

  9. White men need to be stopped

  10. Next story

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