We have never seen THIS before – James Webb Space Telescope

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A photo of the start of the cosmos

Why is the Universe Flat? ft. Prof Alan Guth

Creator & Host: Dianna Cowern
Editor: Levi Butner


  1. my thing is the probability of other worldly life being as we are standard sizing for the oxygen ratio and the gravity of the planet. what if there are right now life forms on the hot side of mercury made out of liquid metals solidified to the point of being spongy and able to support life form at temperatures that would incinerate us. and even the most innocent of contact would mean the end of all life on this planet.

  2. believe or not , you are the person who started my interest in physics , so thanks to all the youtube physicists , cheers to all of them , because of them , new generation is learning more and more without getting bored .

  3. Diana, If your doing the mud wrestling thing anyway, why not film it and make a profit by posting it on YouTube? No shame, no worries! 😁🤣😄😎

  4. Great Job! As I was watching your video and began to realize
    You have the rare type of curious enthusiasm not unlike Carl Sagan. Thank You Enjoy.

  5. Hotwheels Racing -Bill Gould

    I’m curious if we will be able to see things that we already see well, differently?… or at an earlier stage or only see things that we currently cannot see? hopefully, I worded that correctly!

  6. Um actually, it has a name Dianna! It is called Milkomeda. 😀 In all seriousness though, agreeably it is no less sillier than your version Andromeway.

    Also, thanks for making all these beginner friendly videos about the universe recently though. Granted, I already know all of these things. But what I really appreciate is someone trying to explain things in a simple way, and creating excitement and curiosity around the subject. I take your (and many other science communicator’s) way of communicating these things as a model for doing the same with the people I come across in my life too. It is really helpful in thinking how I can present an idea in science and build some genuine curiosity around it for them to be able to ask questions and clarify their assumptions about things and hopefully, should they choose to, learn more about it themselves. And the format of your recent videos really helps me see the pathways for that. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey physics girl! You can minimize scaring. Try to keep the scabs moist with A and D ointment or coconut oil or an antibiotic ointment. I recently took a hook to my forehead and ended up with almost no scar by not letting the scab dry out. There is some risk of infection, but you can minimize that with antibiotic ointment. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to use the harsher antibiotic ointment for more than a few days. Just saying. Heal well!

  8. Woke up, went surfing. That sounds like paradise! And now to the substance: You made me understand the progress of the James-Webb-Telescope. Thank you so much! That literally will be the first thing I will explain to my 6th and 8th graders in school next week.

  9. Glad you’re ok.

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