We Have A Stalker…

We Received Some Concerning Items in our Mail…


  1. Like Our Clothes? You can buy em for 10% OFF with code “COLDONES”! 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/coolshirtzz

    • Can’t believe Max put his hand in someone’s coom glove

    • This RATIO is 100% off

    • absolutely love you guys but cannot support you with the minimal effort period you’re going through, covid slowed you down, time to pick dis shit back up or
      3:24 is bout to be a SonnyV2 thumbnail and clip on tdfo and then rice gum will call you irrelevant, no one wants that. do what ever it takes to at least work towards what needs to be done, you know what. you know what these fiends have wanted the whole time and its been long enough to make a play so to say.
      prezo make em’ wheels roll dawg…. slide in seans dms.

  2. we need more videos like this.

  3. 3:24 is bout to be a SonnyV2 thumbnail and clip on tdfo

  4. 2:27
    I saw a homeless man with a dead cat next to the gas station dumpster wearing the same one

  5. Chad making em MOIST

  6. I want some of that chad roberts

  7. wave media incorperated

    please put that pshyco lady on the podcast, that would be a hell of an episode

  8. I can’t believe those suckers put their hand in that.

  9. been watching you since the filthy frank days since I was in elementary school, I’m 18 now and seeing you two makes me reminisce about the best of times

  10. all fun and games until ur unboxing a package and some weirdo sends u an airtag

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