We grew bacteria from our WHAT? – 10MPH

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Those underwear are a fecund substrate.

Dino animation made by Apartment D!

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  1. watch to the end for a special animated surprise 👀

  2. Válter Estêvão

    This was probably the worst 10MPH to eat breakfast to…

  3. Why is no one talking about that amazing animation at the end?

  4. Dan And Arin make me laugh everyday and I love every video 👍 subscribed to The grumps and Gamegrumps

  5. Next pandemic started by game grumps. 😂

  6. More plz and thank you

  7. Mr.Pickled Penaut

    Dan’s shirt was the most emotionally gripping story I have read.

  8. I work in lab environments and this physically hurts. I’m at minute 4 and had to take respite. Dear fucking Lord

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