We Got Married…(Pt. 2/4)

The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!


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  1. If I got married I would wear a long dress

  2. Yall please stop giving little ass girls like this validation for their bullshit. Yall remember these lil girls be making more that teachers y pa que ? To show off their little flat booties N dance on ppl n show off. Yall tighten up. This shit is incredible thats on trending. Mierda

  3. Chapel Dude: Do you take Mikey to be your best friend?

    Me: *Spits out water* BAHAHAHAHAHAHA what the actual heck?

  4. U look prego

  5. How come no one looks like they care and no one is crying and dani is chewing gum. This seems like a prank to me

  6. you know what they say: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  7. Hermione Granger

    guys this is fake. they took there pictures at the little vegas chapel where it’s 35 dollars to take pretend photos for weddings.

  8. wait hold up bitch, what the fuc-

  9. Lmao no one likes u

  10. Why did fake Elvis marry them?

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