we got a cat


  1. Compromise!

  2. Benjamin Scott

    Did it frustrate anyone else that he couldn’t think of the word compromise? I’m fairly sure it was just a joke, but it was still irritating.

  3. i think the video didn’t do good bcuz people (me & my bf atleast) only watch youtube when im eating so i waited to watch it and the combos made me wanna throw up a bit i could only watch half sorry cody💔


  5. Kennedy Williams


  6. How r u telling me the pregnancy burgers didn’t do well bro f this algorithm that shit was fire

  7. Mitchell Scott

    no you didn’t

  8. Waste of Time, Nothing related to the Click Bait Title.

  9. Actual ..cant find the word but uh like tip? opinion? The burger video: because of the title/thumb I for some reason didnt want to watch it, didnt seem interesting at allllll… Had no clue it was about german mothers day nonsense. but I ran out of things to watch and it ended up being a really good video and I loved it. I assume it didnt do well because a lot of people felt like that?

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