We Followed A Vintage Chicken Jello Recipe

Howdy and welcome to another video clip!

Today we are going to be following an antique chicken jello recipe from the 1960’s that we discovered on tiktok by retrorecipeskitchen! Will the eight hours of labor be worthwhile for this wiggly supper?

You can find retrorecipeskitchen’s tiktok here: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRujLB7W/

And their YouTube video clip here!
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Produced & Edited by
Carly Dawson
Nez Covington
Tyler Williams
Safiya Nygaard

GFX by
Dayana Espinoza

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  1. HELLO!! The concept of this is much worse than the taste itself, but that being said, would you ever try this savory ~chicken jello~? 😛I stand by my choice to grab the second slice but I’m not sure we’re ever gonna spend the whole day to make it again…

    • @janetplanet09 Neat! Boxed gelatin has been around since the mid 1800s. Looks like Julia spent the 50s perfecting it.

    • I have a recipe with jelly, wine😉, and berries.

    • Technically these types of came about as a result of growing use of prepared foods. A dinner was judged on the amount of effort and time spent on it, do a dinner that could’ve been cooked quickly was shamed. The gelatin was a way of making it seem labor intensive. So patriarchy I guess

    • particularly peculiar

      More salt, the broth cooked with the veggies and different meat (if you add chicken feet or pig’s trotters the gelatin won’t be necessary) smaller serving and vinegar or lemon juice poured on top…. and I would eat several servings, especially at family parties where there is Polish vodka involved :P. But honestly try a European recipe next time, this one is a travesty xd

    • @particularly peculiar Basically, they have to make a totally different recipe to have something good!

  2. Gosh the 60’s was all about the gelatin molds and foods!

  3. Ok, I HATE peas, can’t stand olives, and the texture of jello makes me gag, so… you couldn’t pay me enough money to eat this!! Funnily enough, though, those are really the only foods I really don’t like!🤣

  4. You bought diced onion. effn ‘Mericans.

  5. Megan Jean Miller

    Load bearing chicken 😂😂😂😂 cluck I’m dead hahahaha 🤣

  6. I have no words. GAH!! Thank you for the big smile on my face. Video is for the win.

  7. Vile or Viable! 😛

  8. Wow
    Honestly, I’m smiling so hard right now. This is like the funniest experiment on this channel. Glad you’ve wasted a whole day just for 17 minutes of laughter.

    Also, I’m Italian, and that s*it’s repulsive. I could taste the chicken in my head and it was baaad

  9. “Is it vile are are you in denial?”

  10. i imagine this might actually work if the chicken were cut into smaller pieces and if the ingredients were more mixed throughout the jelly instead of having those huge pure jelly-blocks inbetween the layers.
    i have no idea how i imagine that version being made tho.

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